We work closely with our customers to design and build a boat that suits all tastes and budgets, below are our previous builds to inspire you.

No.22 Magda
57' Semi Trad
Reverse layout
No.21 Hideaway
60' Cruiser with extended front cabin
No.20 Our House
65' Squared cruiser
No.19 The Hideout
58' Semi trad
No.19 Ivor III
58' Semi trad
No. 17
65' Semi trad
No. 16 Serenity
67' Semi trad
No.15 Iris Lily
52" Semi Trad
No.14 Mary D's
57' Cruiser
No. 12 3/4 Tickity Boo
57' extended bow with squared stern
No.12 Matilda
60' Semi Trad
No.11 Waving Flags
57' Semi Trad
No.9 Spring of 94
45' Cruiser
No.10 The Two Jays
57' Semi Trad
No.8 Eleshanne
57' Semi Trad
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